Children Brushing

Proper teeth brushing

Brushing teeth properly is incredibly important for many reasons, and it is well known that how to brush teeth properly is often forgotten once we are taught was children. There are many facets to proper tooth brushing technique, and dentists usually go out of their way to teach proper tooth brushing for kids but not for adults. However, proper tooth brushing for kids does not have to be taught in the dentist’s office. Some dentist’s offices offer proper tooth brushing videos, pamphlets, or other paraphernalia on their websites or in their office.

Proper tooth brushing for kids focuses on cleaning all the surfaces of the oral cavity, including the outer and inner surfaces along with the gums and tongue. Many children and adults neglect certain areas of the oral cavity, simply because the visible teeth look clean. While many toothpaste and toothbrush companies and dental offices give very specific directions as to how one should brush one’s teeth, the actual approach may not be as important as the overall cleanliness of one’s mouth. These specific directions sound much like “tilt the toothbrush at a forty five degree angle. . .” or other such inane methods, but there are other things that are universally agreed upon. One should make sure to brush the back of one’s teeth and the top of one’s tongue and to use various strokes, back and forth, up and down, and small circles.

Proper tooth brushing for kids is significant because it will foster important dental hygiene habits for these children. With young children, be sure to bring them for regular checkups and receive advice from dental experts, as well as ensuring that they are maintaining oral cleanliness at the same time.