A Day in the Life of a Midwife – Awkward Family Photos

. Although the job of a midwife may change depending on what the circumstances are and the way in which the process is performed but all midwives share the obligation of taking care of women during childbirth. The video shows a midwife’s day and explains why they are essential to childbirth.

Midwives not only deliver babies , but they also provide emotional support for the mother through the whole birth process. In order to understand the duties of a midwife, they frequently participate in numerous childbirths. They can also be trained on mannequins to get the hands-on experience required to give birth to children. Midwives may also offer methods to ease pain for women going through labor and offer suggestions for movements or positions that might aid mothers. Their last task is to join the baby’s skin to skin with her mother immediately after giving birth to make sure the baby’s temperature stays in control as well as to start to calm the mother after the stressful experience. It is clear that midwives are hospital the best!