Tooth Brushing, Keep Your Teeth Clean and In Your Mouth Forever

Proper way to brush teeth

Good dental hygiene is necessary and relevant to everyone. Keeping your teeth clean and in good working order is truly an investment. With the prices of dental work ever rising, taking good care of your teeth in the first place is a must. Not doing so could cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. Especially if you think about fillings, root canals, and many other procedures most of us dread. Adequate tooth brushing is the first step.

You may be thinking you already brush your teeth properly, however many of us are not. If you are wondering how to brush your teeth properly there are a few things to keep in mind. One, take your time, spend a good one and a half to two minutes brushing. This will ensure that plaque doesn’t make it past the brush. Also brush your teeth in small circles, this is an effective way to remove all plaque.

Proper tooth brushing also entails reaching every corner of your mouth. Getting back to those pesky molars could take a second or two more, but in the long run it ensures that they stay in your mouth forever. Lets face it, none of us want to have to invest in dentures. Especially not sooner than later. Brushing teeth properly is not hard, it just takes an extra thirty seconds and some mindfulness.

If you want to see an example of adequate tooth brushing, look up a proper tooth brushing video. They are all over the web, and will provide a visual for those of us who need it. Next time you brush your teeth, keep these things in mind. You may notice that you have been rushing through and missing spots more than you think.

If you have children, teach them proper tooth brushing techniques while they are still young. If they start properly brushing their teeth early, it will most likely stick as a habit. Set a timer for a minute and half to two minutes while they are brushing. Watch how they are brushing their teeth, if they are using the small circles technique, and make sure they are reaching all corners of their mouth. This will make for some happy kids and a happy wallet when they do not have to get fillings at the dentist.

Using good tooth brushing techniques is a great investment for all of us. With how often we use our teeth, we want them to stay healthy and in good order as long as possible. We do not want to be afraid to smile either, brushing your teeth properly will keep them as white as can be. Making you smile knowing that your teeth are healthy, and white as can be.

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