Undergo Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Have a New Smile

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If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, then consider having a smile makeover from a cosmetic dentist. Dentists are trained to make teeth beautiful and functional with minor or major procedures. In the past, patients had few options concerning changing the appearance of their teeth. For older adults who have neglected their teeth due to fears about pain during surgery or wearing uncomfortable dental appliances, there are innovative treatment methods at a local dental facility in Avon, Colo. Dr. David Maloley of Vail Valley Dental Care offers his expert services to children, teenagers and adults.

Plaque Removal 
A smile makeover can change an individual’s outlook on life by making it possible to eat healthier foods such as vegetables and fruit. In addition to improving physical health with a strong bite and straight teeth, an individual’s mental attitude can change due to less embarrassment concerning missing, chipped or discolored teeth. The first thing a dentist does during a patient’s examination is make sure the oral cavity is in good condition without infections or growths. A thorough teeth cleaning to remove hardened debris known as plaque is necessary to prevent tooth decay, halitosis and gingivitis.

Repairing Teeth
A dentist can fill small cavities quickly with composite material that is designed to protect a tooth’s interior structures. When you have a tooth with a large cavity, removing the enamel outer layer along with its pulp and roots is often necessary before a customized dental crown is placed on the remaining structure. For teeth with small chips or crowding, your dentist can reshape the enamel slightly to make it more attractive. A chip or scratch on a tooth is also repairable by applying bonding substances that hide the damage with color matching material.

Teeth Whitening
A simple dental office procedure that only requires an hour is teeth bleaching or whitening designed to remove deep stains in the enamel. If your gums are healthy, then it is possible to begin this process right away. First, a dentist applies a protective layer to your gum tissue to prevent discomfort. Devices are placed in your mouth to collect saliva and chemicals before the dentist brushes a strong hydrogen peroxide solution on the teeth. Eventually, water is introduced into your mouth that creates a chemical reaction with the hydrogen peroxide to dissolve stains from tobacco and food.

Dental Restorations
After your teeth are whiter, it is time to consider replacing missing teeth with a variety of dental restorations, appliances or surgery. When the bones in your jaw are strong, it is possible to have dental implants inserted right away to replace one or more missing teeth. Alternatively, a dentist can prescribe medications to strengthen bone before a dental implantation procedure. Instead of implants, a patient may prefer wearing removable or fixed dental bridges that hold artificial crowns. Patients missing all of their teeth can also opt to wear dentures that fit into the top and bottom of the mouth.