What Happens During Fire Pump Testing? – Balanced Living Magazine

functioning properly in the event of a fire. The goal of fire pump test is to ensure that the system that fire sprinklers operate in a fire emergency is in adequate stream of water and the required pressure whenever it’s necessary.

What are the requirements for the testing of fire pumps?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is the organization that sets standards for testing fire pumps as well as instruction in the design of fire sprinklers which includes the annual fire pump flow test being the most frequently used. The fire pump’s performance is assessed in this testing to assess its pressure and flow rate.

The fire engine must be run to its maximum capacity before determining the rate at which water flows. In the next step, the increase in pressure will gradually be increased to evaluate the system’s ability to deliver water at various levels. The test will look for obstructions or leaks that could slow water flow.

Last Thoughts

The testing of fire pumps is crucial for the security of your building. It ensures that the fire prevention system is working properly and is able to ensure adequate water pressure and flow to safeguard property and occupants from fire. In order to ensure that the system is in compliance with NFPA guidelines periodic testing is mandatory. The testing should only be conducted by qualified professionals. When investing in frequent tests for fire pumps, property owners can rest in security knowing that their home is protected during an situation of emergency.

Source if needed: https://www.nfpa.org/Codes-and-Standards