What Is the Best Diet for Dogs With Allergies? – Top Green Tea Diet


In a short video entitled “What is the Best Dog Food to Treat Allergies?” they discuss the best diet to treat dogs who are allergic. They discussed pet food that has been transformed at high temperatures and raw food. They discussed Nurti Genomics, a study of food for pets and how it affects the genes and blood circulation within the body to ensure that the dog’s body is able to heal. They also investigated how much the food was being heated during the process of making it.

The food you feed your dog that is cooked to high temperatures may create allergies in dogs in addition to poor nutrition. The research found that when you feed your dog processed food, including 20% of raw food in its diet could help to treat allergies and other health issues. Raw food was found to be healthier and superior in dealing with skin allergies as well as bettering the health of dogs than processed food for dogs. The ideal diet for dogs suffering from food allergies is to combine of 80% processed food and 20% raw food. It can help your dog live well by giving him the necessary nutrients to overcome skin allergies or other issues.