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(and activated charcoal) (and activated charcoal), soap and antiseptic lotion, soap (and activated charcoal), nitrile glove SAM socket, Oropharyngeal Airways Set, thermometers, tweezersand needles as well as tongue depression

Extra batteries

If you require help

Dust masks are used to clean dirt from sheet of plastic and tap the duct tape for’shelter in-place’.

Trash bags, plastic tie, and wet wipes are all good options for cleaning.

Mold, Dust, and even fire

Every spore and mold can be removed from your home. The mold spores may be floating around in the air, and inside the dust around the home. In the absence of water and no mold, the spores don’t increase. In controlling the moisture levels in your house can reduce or stop the growth of mold. If mold is growing in the home you live in, it’s important to eliminate it, and address your water issue. If you get rid of the mold, but do not address the problem with the water, growth of mold is likely to return.

It’s important to practice good repair of water damage where water has leaked, like a leak in the bathtub or broken water heater.

Mold, fire, and dust all work as one.

The fire must have three components in order to ignite. They are the three key parts of the “Fire Triangle.

1. For burning fuel

2. Oxygen

3. Ignition source (heat, spark, etc. )

The term “Dust Pentagon’ is utilized to refer to the five things that must be there for an explosion of dust to happen:

4. The correct amount of dust particles dispersed,

5. The dust cloud is being kept in one place.

In the event that dust has dispersed, it means that it is floating in the air. (Note that flash fires can be seen even if the 5th aspect of confinement is missing.)

Confinement refers to the fact that dust is located in an area which is sealed off or confined to a small. It also prevents the build-up of pressure which makes an explosion likely.

One of the most crucial rules to keep mold out is to have everything in your house to be clean. If more water is present in one location and the higher the chance that mold will develop.