How To Do a No Demo Bathroom Remodel – Bathroom Renovation Packages

create the perfect enclosure for your bathroom.
Add a New Shower Door

When you replace an older shower door to the latest model that you have, you’ll be able to transform the look of your bathroom. Shower doors come in many styles such as sliding or glass and frameless ones.

Find a design that will blend into your bathroom’s decor. But keep in mind that choosing an extravagant or intricate design can be difficult to wash and maintain as time passes. The shower door outdated if opting for a simpler design.

New faucets and sinks are available.

You don’t have to replace your whole sink. Instead, just change the faucet and handles for a quick refresh. There are various styles including contemporary and traditional. Make sure you select faucets and handles that are compatible with your existing sink.

Bathrooms can be upgraded in look by replacing outdated handles and faucets, without the need for demolition. Also, it is important to take into consideration water efficiency. Selecting fixtures that have high efficiency can lower your water bills over time.

Make changes to your mirror in the bathroom.

A fresh mirror can brighten your bathroom while giving it a the modern appearance. Mirrors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. So it is important to determine the space before purchasing one.

You could opt for frames that are simple or opt for something more striking as a focal point in the bathroom. Whichever you pick to replace the mirror can be a simple method to give your bathroom a fresh look without any major work or demolition.

Remodel Your Flooring

Refinishing your floors is a effective way to improve the look of your bathroom without the need for destruction. There are a myriad of materials such as tile and linoleum or wood laminate . Refinishing your flooring is an effective solution to ensure its protection.