How You Can Help Victims of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake

The UNICEF Children’s Emergency Fund is currently in Turkey helping victims of the earthquake. UNICEF is working to provide basic necessities like blankets hot food, baked goods as well as sanitary kit kits for families in need. UNICEF developed UNICEF’s platform to help lost or unaccompanied children to be reunited with their families when they were trapped in the rubble. UNICEF’s principal mission is to supply clean water via an urgent response (WASH) providing sanitation and hygiene. In the event that the Syrian government closed down schools, they were used to shelter displaced people. Additionally, the organization continues to offer emotional and psychological help.
2. White Helmets

White Helmets is a group comprised of volunteers that aim to assist those who are in greatest need in Syria. Its membership includes more than 3000 people, comprising plumbing repairers, firefighters, technicians, engineers, and pharmacists. All of them are united to help anyone in need. The group has gained acclaim because of the manner in which they swiftly responded to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that was felt across the border in southeast Turkey.

The earthquake left many people living in poverty and numerous dead. You can contribute to their organization to help them acquire more equipment and supplies to search for more victims trapped in the wreckage. Donations are being organized to aid victims of Turkey-Syria during this difficult period.

3. UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency

Families are in need of shelter and food in order to live when they are in poverty, which is why many remain between Turkey as well as North Syria. UNHCR operates in Turkey, providing blankets, clothes, warm footwear, food and winter coats to the victims.

The earthquake has affected several Syrian individuals, further aggravated an already difficult circumstance. The country has many internally displaced people sleeping in tents or Fli