Proper Tooth Brushing Technique Is Crucial For Oral Health

Proper tooth brushing for kids

Brushing your teeth seems like such a simple task that most of us do not give a lot of thought as to whether we are doing it properly. But there is a proper tooth brushing technique and when done consistently, it can mean stronger, healthier teeth and fewer dental problems down the line.

While a dental professional is the most qualified to tell you if you are brushing teeth properly, there are a few simple tips that do not require a trip to the dentist. For starters, are you brushing long enough? Many dentists recommend at least two minutes for proper tooth brushing. You could set a timer, but many electronic toothbrushes these days have timers built in. Some even signal you every 30 seconds that it is time to move to another section of your mouth.

But it does not matter how long you brush if you are still using the wrong technique. Holding the brush at an angle can help clear bacteria and debris from the gum line. Online videos may be helpful at home to refine tooth brushing technique. A tooth brush is like any other tool. Whether you use an electric brush or a manual one, it only does so much good if you are using it incorrectly. Replacing your brush periodically is crucial, too. Suggestions on how often to replace may vary, but usually range from three to six months. Some brushes have different colored bristles to help indicate when to replace your brush for optimal tooth brushing.

Proper tooth brushing for kids is as important as it is for adults. Teaching kids how to brush teeth properly helps instill good habits from a young age and may set them up for a lifetime of proper dental care and good oral hygiene. A good dentist can help children and adults like learn how to brush your teeth properly at any age.