Tips for Proper Dental Hygiene

Proper tooth brushing

When it comes to tooth health, regular and proper tooth brushing technique will make the difference between seeing a dentist twice a year for checkups, or coming back several times for fillings and root canals. While people with health insurance consider regular dental checkups to be habits, some people rarely see a dentist. Of course, given the outrageous cost of all types of health care, people without health insurance cannot afford to see a dentist. On the other hand, others may think that they do not need regular checkups because they brush several times a day. What they probably do not know is not using the proper tooth brushing technique, or brushing too frequently, can lead to problems of which they are not even aware. Therefore, not only are regular dental checkups essential, but knowing how to brush your teeth properly is vital to avoid tooth decay.

Before discussing proper tooth brushing technique, one must realize that brushing often does not mean your teeth will be healthier. While proper teeth brushing four or five times per day will get teeth cleaner, too much brushing, or improper tooth brushing technique may wear away tooth enamel and leave roots exposed. Dentists recommend that a person use a soft bristled tooth brush, and brush 2 to 3 minutes, no more than 3 times per day.

One you are aware of the recommended frequency of tooth brushing, then you can think about proper tooth brushing technique. When brushing teeth properly, never use a side to side approach; instead, move vertically, in circles, or at 45 degree angles. This way, you are cleaning your teeth from different positions, while also avoiding damaging your gums. In addition to proper tooth brushing technique, dentists recommend that you begin brushing at different parts of the mouth each time. This way, you will ensure that every area of your mouth will get the proper attention, as people tend to slack during the last few seconds of tooth brushing.

Having a healthy mouth is as absolute necessity when it comes to the overall health of a person. Furthermore, proper tooth brushing technique will not only keep teeth healthy and white, it will also help a person feel more confident. It is also crucial to remember that proper tooth brushing will give everyone a better chance for lifelong dental health, but it does not mean that one can forgo the dentist altogether.

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